Thursday, 16 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Manaiakalani Film Festival 

Walt: write a recount about a personal experience. Walt: use exciting language to share our ideas.
First of all room 7/9/10 went to the hall and waited for the Year 1’s and Year 2’s. After that our classes budded up with the Year 1’s and Year 2’s. After that we filled up the buses and went off to Sylvia Park.  My buddy was a boy and his name was Raphael. The place we were going to go was Sylvia Park's Cinema After that we filled up the buses and went off to Sylvia Park.
Next when we went to Sylvia Park we got off the bus and went to the cinema and filled up the chairs. When we waited for the other schools to join the cinema we talked to each other. While we were waiting we were talking about which movie was the best.
After that all the schools had joined in and then we started with an introduction on the screen by Noah from my school, Point England. After that we watched the movies in the first session and it really cheered me up onto thinking that this was going to be amazing. The first movie was from Point England Extension.
Later on it was getting so boring that I decided to sit on the floor. When I was on the floor my classes manaiakalani film festival movie came on so I decided to get back up and sit on the chair. While I was watching I told my buddy that it was my movie and that it was going to be shown in the night show.
In the end when all the manaiakalani movies were finished we took our buddies. When we went out of the cinema we saw our other half of our school waiting to go in and watch their movies. After that we went back to the buses and filled them up and went back to school and went to the hall.
I really liked it because I liked watching my movie and seeing how good it was because I was so excited to watch it.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

My Own Harmonicas

Wal about different types of poems. 
Reflection: For this activity we had to do an acrostic poem about an Harmonica. It was a little bit easy and half hard but the most thing I liked about this activity was trying to think of a word that started with the letter. I really liked working with my partner Zamera. On Wednesday we made the Harmonicas using - 1 straw, 2 Popsicle sticks, 1 Elastic Bands and 2 small loom bands or small rubber bands.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Making Pan Pipes

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.39.29 PM.pngWalt: write a recount about a personal experience. Walt: organise our ideas into a series of paragraphs.Musical Madness
Making pan pipes  
Description: "Hello" this is my writing about making pan pipes in Room 9 literacy with Mrs Buchanan this is about me and I am trying to make pan pipes. It was so fun you should read it !!!HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

Orientation: (2-3 sentences)
Who?  What?  When?  Where?
Make it exciting for your audience to read!
Before we started making our pan pipes we watched a video of Mrs Buchanan making the pan pipes at home but because some of us didn’t watch it properly Mrs Buchanan said we could watch it twice because it looked so hard. Finally she said we could start so me and my partner were so excited to start.
Paragraph 1: (3-4 sentences)
What happened first?
First of all we got into buddies and got a piece of cardboard and then we got 8 pieces of straws and one scissors and a sticky tape. Next me and my partner Anna, we went and sat down next to Sonnia and Quincess. When we sat down we started by cutting the bendy parts of the straws then we cut the straws diagonally.
Paragraph 2: (3-4 sentences)
What happened next?  Making your instrument
After that we placed them on our piece of cardboard and then I got Mrs buchanan to hold my straws down on my cardboard then I taped the straws down while Mrs Buchanan was pushing it down then I taped it twice so it can be stronger to stay in place.
Paragraph 3: (3-4 sentences)
What happened next?  Making music with your instrument
Later then I had finished and then I blowed through the pipes and it made sounds like high notes and low notes and then I was playing it and some good noises was coming out really good. Then Mrs Buchanan stopped our literacy class and told us that we had five minutes left so then we just packed up because me and my partner had finished.
Reorientation/Ending: (2-3 sentences)
What did you enjoy?  What did you learn?
Finally me and my partner finished packing up and then we went to the mat because Mrs Buchanan said then after that Mrs Buchanan chose some people to put the scissors and the stuff we used and they put it away. After that we had finished and then we did our writing.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Making connections across texts

Walt: make connections between texts.
Description: For this task we had to summarise the two books we read about and we had to write down the main ideas in the story. Also we had to write down the main ideas about the video that was on our reading page. !!HOPE YOU ENJOY!! 

Text 1:
The right beat
Summarise the main ideas of this text.
They were trying to make a beat that suited the words from the song using the instruments and using tunes. They had to find out the tunes really fast because they were going to perform the song in a few minutes. So they kind of finished by changing the words a little bit.

Text 2:
Summarise the main ideas of this text.
In the GHB story there was this boy called Nick he had loved the the pipe bags from the Scottish bands he had played when the rugby games started. Also he had to wait till he was nine too learn how to play the pipe bags.

Introduction to an orchestra
What is the main event in this visual text?
George was learning more information about the woodwind family, strings family, brass family and the percussion family. He was trying to find out what instrument he wants to play he did find out but it wasn’t a instrument he wanted to be a conductor. He wanted to conduct the instrument band.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Problem Solving T4W1

Walt: understand probability and model the possible outcomes.
Walt: create a link between statistics and our knowledge about fractions.
Walt: reflect on where we are at in maths, and where we need more support.
Walt: confidently answer maths problems under test conditions.

Reflection: This is my first problem solving this term. It is now Term 4 and it is Week 1 for this problem solving I have worked with two other girls from my group named Inga and Chance. This week we worked on Probability in Maths it was really hard for me but I learnt a lot this first week of school.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Immersion Assembly Musical Madness

WALT: using exciting language in a recount
Walt: write a recount about a personal experience. Walt: use exciting language to share our ideas.

Chit, Chat, Chit, Chat as me and my friends keep chatting about what we did in the holidays she was talking while I was listening. Next we were waiting in line for our teacher to take us to assembly. As Miss West took us to assembly in the hall we kept walking and talking then my friend didn’t get to finish because we sat down on the floor in the hall. As everyone sat down Mr Burt (Principal) welcomed us in a nice and awesome greeting back to school. Next he and Mr Wiseman (Electric Guitar), Mr Somerville (Drums) and Mrs Nua (Tambourine) played their song called Musical Madness.
Next was Team 1 the junior teachers had shown what the juniors are going to be doing this term. Team 1 was showing how music can make you feel and have emotion and what it makes you do like cleaning, dancing and singing. After their one Team 2 was next to show their one that Team 2 was learning. Team 2’s one was about singing together and making more music together so they got tiny instruments to play to the song In The Jungle. Later on it was Team 3’s turn they didn’t get up on stage because their one was a video they made and it was about them and music they used songs that was their favourite songs and lip synced them and putting them in.
Next was Team 4, Team 4’s teachers were in a car and was playing all kinds of music. They were driving all the way to school playing music so loud then when they got to school Mr J was in his van and stared while playing his cool music and Team 4 teachers just stared in a funny way. Last but not least it was Team 5, Team 5’s teachers were acting as a family and watched a movie called the !!!!LION KING!!!!.When they played the movie it was only a little bit of the movie and they played a few times but played it with all kinds of different background musics like scary, happy, weird and also !!!!LET IT GO!!!! But then Mrs Telea said “don’t let the baby go” it was so funny.
Part of music I want to learn is how to play an instrument like drums and a ukelele. I wanna learn how to play these because the drums make sounds  like this BOOM BOOM BOOM it sounds so cool I also want to learn how to play when I am so mad at my brothers. I also would like to play a ukelele because it sounds really peaceful to play when your happy. These are instruments I want to play because just like my sisters they know how to play  a ukulele too.
I really like the theme for this term because we can make beats and songs. The other reason I like it is because we got to choose which lalabye we can use for our animations for the juniors to use for their learning about music. I really like that it is called Musical Madness and it is so fantastic that we get to make music and use beats as well.

!!Thank You For Reading!!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Sylvia Park Mall

IALT: write about my holidays and read it to make sure it makes sense.This Holidays we went to Sylvia Park Mall and went to places to get stuff... Hope You Enjoy.