Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Fishing Traditions

The Remarkable Reti
Walt: scan text for relevant information.

Task Description:
For this picture my group, cameras had to read a book called The Remarkable Reti. First we had to read the book which was really boring, than we had to draw a picture on google drawing. When we were finished the picture we had to label the Reti. A reti is another traditional way how to catch fish. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Learning Measurments

Walt: convert measurement.

Task Description: This activity was a little hard. The reason why it was hard because I didn't quite get it until my group had to go down to the mat and see Mr Goodwin. Mr Goodwin showed gave us a ruler to see how small a millimetre compared to what a centimetre looks like.

Measurement - Distance

Walt: understand different measurement units.
Task Description:
For this activity it was a little hard and half easy because I didn't quite it until I watched the video on our class site. It told me a lot of information about measurements but I didn't quite get what it means. I wrote some answers of what a millimetre would look like in my book.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Getting Excited For Camp

Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story.
Task Description:
This activity was so fun because I could go on some old Point England students blogs. The reason why we had to do that is because we had to read their story of what they did on their year 5 and 6 camps and what their highlight was. This activity was really hard because some of their recounts didn't make sense. The best part that I liked about doing this was reading recounts about how much fun camp is at school, doing all the fun activity's and going to Mangere Pools.

My Egg Friend

WALT: structure a recount.
Start Writing Here
We had to watch Mr Goodwin draw Bob
Next we had the most fantastic experience, we had to hold the egg with our hands making a cradle.
Have you ever had a egg experience around the school?
Today we had a really fun experience with eggs and responsibility. Next Mr Goodwin handed out some eggs and some black markers. We then started to draw. It was really hard because I didn’t know what to draw on my egg, but I drew the facial expressions on my egg. Than I called my egg Ella. Have you ever had a teacher that brings eggs to school?
As the fantastic experience started I put my shoes on and I walked all the way to  where my class was lining up. The first thing Mr Goodwin told us before we left was to put our hands in a cradle . When we left we walked past the classes and we were talking to much that we disturbed some of the other classes so Mr Goodwin told us to sit down on the concrete and tell us to lower our voices than we went to our destination.
We were finally at the park and Mr Goodwin told us to pair up with a group of four or five. When it was our turn to take a photo I was smiling with my friends. Than it was our turn to have an adventure with our eggs. It was a little hard to carry our eggs and climb some furniture without cracking our eggs. On my way down to the monkey bars I saw some of the boys had cracked there eggs, I guess they had bad luck. When I had finished the amazing adventure I lined up with my class.
I really liked this experience with Mr Goodwin and my Literacy class because I could practice being responsible. The best part I liked about the egg experience was playing around the playground with my egg. The thing I learned with the egg experience was learning how to take care of something and being responsible for it.
Task Description:
For this writing activity I had to do an experience with my literacy class. For this activity we had to take responsibility using an egg which was really weird because I nearly dropped it on the concrete near the netball courts. I really liked playing with it on the playground with my friend Sonnia, Eden and Chance. The thing that was really hard was holding it in your hands which was shaped as a cradle.

What Are Cameras

Walt: follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

Task Description:
This Activity was to write about what cameras are and to explain what it is and what it does. The activity was really hard to do because I had to explain what it is to the people who visit my blog because some people stall don't know what a camera is.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Learning 24 Hour Time

WALT: understand how to read 24 hour time.

Task Description:
For this great presentation I had to figure out the answers and work it out which was really hard because I was really frustrated because it was really hard but I worked it out with some help from Matua Brendon. The hardest question was slide 3 because it was a little confusing.