Friday, 22 September 2017

Stardome Writing

Walt: write a recount about a personal experience. Walt: use correct sentence punctuation.
Description: We had write a recount of what we did at star dome and how fun it was but it was as Fun as possible. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!
Rooms 9/10
To learn more about the
Thursday 14th September
One Tree Hill Star dome
First of all we walked off to enter the doors of star dome then we walked in a room then we meet a man called John he was teaching us more about the solar system. He told us what the small planets are called and they are called midget planets. The big planets were just planets.
Next we got sent off into teams from our groups which we had four in each group. Next we had to look around the gallery and try and answer the questions that were on the clipboard it was kind of hard doing because there was a lot of people in the gallery but I managed to get through with it.  
After that we had to sit on the mat near the dome door. We also had to give the clipboard’s to John so he could make the results of who won in the competition. Next he sent us off into the dome and told us to fill up the back seats first then start walking up. Next he was telling us of what we would see at night time. He also told us that we could see Jupiter and Saturn at night time. Then he told us all the stuff we could see like a kiwi and a scorpion.
Later on we watched a movie made from America's NASA.
That movie we watched was a trailer that we watched at school aswell and that was very interesting for me to watch and I did luckily from stardome I was so happy when it started. The movie was in the future and what might happened to this world. The movie was about a dad named Mr.Trout which he was so interested about our atmosphere and if we could live on it and if there was any other planet we could live on it. Then Mr.Trout sent a man to space when he didn’t even know that Mr.Trout daughter had gone then Ashley Trout. Then they had to find information on three planets or moons and they did.Then they noticed that Earth was the only planet that we could live on and then that was the end.
In the end
We went outside and said thank you to John and then we jumped on the bus and headed back to school.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Problem Solving W9T3

Walt: find fractions of a set
Walt: find fractions of continuous shapes

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Cross Country

WALT: Write a recount of what we done in paragraphs.
WALT: Make sure we use all kinds of punctuation's and to make sure there in the right places.
Description: For this task I had to write about what happened on September the 1st 2017, which was was Cross Country it was such a good day hope you enjoy reading my story.

Friday, 15 September 2017

CyberSmart Learning

WALT: Make the right choices using cyber smart learning and using our emails properly.
WALT: Use our emails in the choices and right decisions and making sure its right.
Description: This task was using Cyber smart in Room 10 and learning how to use your emails and how important it is to keep on the right things and to do the right things.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Term 3 Space Animation

Description:This is my space animation about how our world got dirty and smelly so we won't be able to live on it so there was two astronauts that decided to leave and discover a planet that had never been discovered before.

Animation Voice Over

Walt: make connections between spoken, written and visual language.
Walt: use correct sentence punctuation.
Start your writing here.  Use full sentences.
In a normal world it  was nice and clean… next minute the world began to get polluted with people throwing rubbish into the sea and animals are dieing. Then there was 2 astronauts that decided to leave Earth and look for a different world when they left they discovered new planets.

The first planet they discovered was Mercury, Mercury with was a colour of grey. When they went there it was to dark and there was no oxygen so they left the planet and left to Venus.

Venus was a planet that was to hot. The planet Venus was the first hot planet but the second planet close to the sun. The planet was way too hot so they left the planet and discovered a planet that was never discovered.

When they went there it looked like it was night time but when they got there they saw water so they went sleep and woke up the next day. Which when the next day they happened it looked like it was morning. So 2 years later they started  building and later on they they found out that the planet had oxygen and so they took off their suits and changed into their clothes and they lived in a world that will always be clean.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Star Problem Week 1

WALT: To use different types of strategies using one question.
Discripion: In this task I got a group of three and my partners were Zamera and Chance they were helping me solve this problem and choosing three numbers that can make an equation out of them. It a whole lot easier for us because we worked as a team and got it done fast.