Thursday, 3 August 2017

Captain Taniwhas Ending story

Walt: tell a story using a variety of sentences of different lengths; and
Walt: ask for feedback to help us make changes that add impact to our story.

Captain Taniwhas Ending story

While Captain Taniwha was down in the sea he saw a big shark/whale out of his window. He didn’t know what to do so he thought and thought until he saw a boat on top of the sea so said “ how could I get all the way to the top of the sea”. Then he thought of an idea and he did it. He had a statue of him so he put it in front of him then he went to the back of his spaceship and swam to the top and climbed onto the ship. Next he saw that was now body on the ship and then he sailed away on the ship.

When he finally got to land he saw the spaceship station and he ran there. Then he saw a rocket and got inside and setted up the rocket to get ready for the  blast of and there he was ready to set off. 10,  9,  8,  7,  6,  5,  4,  3,  2,  1,  BLAST OFF! There Captain Taniwha was off to space. When he was in the rocket he noticed that there was a picnic bag and bottles of water he was thirsty and he was hungry. He went into the bag and started eating sandwiches, cookies, chips and some other kind of food. Then he drank some water and was soon finished for eating.

While he was looking out the window he saw the snotty nose then he quickly turned away and didn’t realise the aliens on planet mars. He went to land there and have a chat to them. When they got there he realised that they had homes in one village that was very big then he went and said “ I have come to live here”. So they said “yes”. Then they lived happily after.

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