Friday, 26 May 2017

Planning and writing a recount

First of all
We learned how swimming is important to us and how were suppose to keep safe in the water. Next we learned how to arm circle with a board and after that we learned how to arm circle with no board and to breath 2 arms and then keep going. After that the next day we learned how to use life jackets and how to  know that the life jacket fits us and to know how to buckle up and make it tight. Later on we learned how to save someone near water, and to do that we can save them using a floaty that that can be on your boat, which mostly they have a floating ring that has a rope attached to it, to pull it. In the end we had a race to see if we could swim 150 meters and then we went into the big pool and swam 2 whole laps around one isle. The first day I went swimming was on the second week on the first day.We went and had a shower to be wet before we jumped in the pool. We were learning how to arm circle with a board then we did it with no board. When we were swimming  with arm circles we had to breath after 2 arm circles along with the third.

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